Alternative Accessories are hand crafted accessories. We got sick of seeing plain, horribly made over priced accessories in these "hip" stores and boutiques! So out came the crafty side in your favor! Now all you fabulous and alternative beauties have a great selection.

At this time we accept Paypal, Money Orders, Concealed Cash (AT YOUR OWN RISK. We're not responsible for what I do not receive!) If paying with cash, PLEASE conceal it very well and PLEASE do not send change! (Thank You) We do not accept checks due to the fact that they bounce! Nothing personal, just bad experiences... See something you like but want it put together in a different way? That's perfectly ok! We're more then happy to do custom orders! We can hand craft/sculp pretty much any kind of center piece you're little heart desires! We're also able to get our hands on any color of ribbon or flower you'd like! So please don't hesitate to ask! Custom order matching Weddings hair accessories, Matching party favor clips, Matching clips for your groups/clubs, matching clips for bands... Thanks for stopping by and your support! Happy Shopping! We hope to hear from you soon! !!WARNING!! If you have any kind of allergies to pets we'd recommend you NOT ordering our products! We have felines and they like to help me with all my craft work =) Also our hair accessories have some small pieces and small children could choke! So please DON'T let young children put them in their mouths! Thank You!

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